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Live Book Crossing

How can you make sure your well-loved book makes it into good hands? Tell us about it on a sheet inside the front page and leave it with the volunteers at the next live Book Crossing event.
Want to read something new? Choose a new literary curiosity, discuss read with books and listen to excerpts from the works of urban writers.

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Live Book Crossing. How does it work?

The events are run by volunteers.

They take place from April to September and also at Christmas.




what is reading arch?

Reading arch - a stationary object of urban architecture, established in the Dnieper. It denotes the zone the international book cloth release bookcrossing and is a bookcase and bench for seat.
The object is an interactive sculpture that any person can use. In the upper section, the arch is decorated with a lamp that allows you to use it even in the dark, without damage to the sight.
The author of the idea

Vlada Brusilovska


Valerii та Ekaterina Kyznetsovi


How to join in

The events are held every month during the warm period of the year and are free of charge. There are no rules! Anyone can bring any book to exchange and choose any other for themselves. However, we have several traditions/principles/values that are requested to be respected:

Our traditions

The Value of Creation

In addition to literary works, we invite you to share current study guides, dictionaries, as well as periodicals that have an independent artistic value. For example, SHOW magazines or La Boussole.

Letter to the Reader

This is a small description that helps you share your impression of the book and help the next reader to love or understand it; we issue it during the promotion and ask you to fill it in.


Sometimes we dedicate the book exchange to a certain topic. For example, children's literature, Ukrainian books, textbooks, or classics. On such days, we recommend you share such editions. Variety keeps things interesting!


The purpose of the events at the Reading Arch is to rally around our intellectual hobby; we encourage you to visit us with friends and family and stay tuned!

Inspiration and Development

We invite writers and researchers who are ready to hold informal readings for the participants of the events.


how can you help


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stock diaries

12 September

Child bookcrossing

Books for children

15 August

Ukrainian bookcrossing

Ukrainian books.

18 July

First bookcrossing in 2020

Sharing books of any type and genre.

21 December

Christmas bookcrossing

We share books to read on a winter evening.

14 September

Educational bookcrossing

Let's exchange encyclopedias, reference books, and books for self-improvement.

17 August

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Bring your favorite dragon book!

20 July

Children literature

Share the book of your childhood.

29 June

Love and Poetry

Bring romantic books.

25 May

Detective stories

Bring books about crimes and their disclosure.

20 April

Big bookcrossing

any books you like

22 September

Bookcrossing. Almost Adult

Teen book exchange.

18 August

Novels and Recipes

The topic is cooking and eating.

7 July

Fantastic bookcrossing

The topic is science fiction and fantasy

26 May

Contemporaries Bookcrossing

Theme - books of living authors

28 April

Bookcrossing. Love books.

Theme - romantic literature.

25 December

Happy New Bookcrossing

Topic – books for the holiday

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Maria Lozhko

Project Coordinator

Dasha Orlyans’ka

Project Coordinator, Photographer

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Designer of the кухни под заказ в Киеве